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  • I was actually really pumped for class today, but alas, I got there 7 days early.
  • I can’t believe I’m going into my fourth year?! My secondary education experience has been the sloppiest patchwork of uncertainty, but that’s life I guess
  • So anyway I went to pilates instead
  • My best friend at the gym is a middle aged man named John and we chat about schooling and pilates
  • I’m really over summer now. Can we fast foward to Fall??
  • Halloween is coming
  • I am going to LA in October!!!!
  • I really want to go see Twenty One Pilots in NYC at the end of the month
  • SIMS 4 came out. Irrelevant (but I’m secretly excited). 
  • This is gonna be a boring week. Butttt the Toronto film fest is starting this weekend which is the most action this city sees, and I’m mad excited. Remember last year when I met Liam Hemsworth?!? I plan to top that.
Anonymous: hey what do you study? x

Music and anthropology :)

Anonymous: Ah I think the beginning of my last ask didn't send! But I wanted to know what your favorite foods to eat are when you're sick and everything looks disgusting? I started feeling really sick which made me eat less which in turn made me feel more sick. It's like a cycle! Feel sick can't eat feel sicker can't eat feel sicker. I want to eat and feel better so badly but I can't tolerate anything other than like rice and crackers and juice. How do I start eating more if everything makes me feel queasy

Ah OH shit sorry! It sent, it just got mixed up in my other messages. Now I get it! Anyway. I see I see. When I feel sick, my cravings are really random and inconsistent as it usually changes depending on the illness. But usually I eat toast with cream cheese, crackers (usually just dry bready things). Soup is always good. You could try protein bars or ice cream too. The queasiness is sometimes a symptom of hunger. Sometimes I think I’m too nauseous to eat, but then I eat and I feel way better.  HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER! :)