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Anonymous: Hey:) I admire your recovery progress and being so positive. Really! I am still trying to get there, but it's hard. Do you still count calories? And if not, how did you stop? Do you exercise? if yes, what and how often? I hope you're fine and happy. xo

Thank you very much. Na I definitely do not count calories. It seems silly to measure, when you can just eat and your body will let you know when it’s had enough or when it needs more. I exercise if I feel like it and when I have the time. Sometimes 5 days a week, sometimes none. I’ll do pilates once or twice a week, and then on the other days I either go for a quick run or do some strength training. My workouts are pretty quick.

I am fine and happy! I do have shitty days. I don’t like my body all the time. But I try to focus on the things that truly make me happy (and the things in my control), and then everything else tends to fall into place naturally. My body shape, hunger, etc. are not really in my control so why stress about them. <3 


  • Well hullllllo multiples of seven day. Pamplemousse.
  • Lovely weekend up at my friend’s cottage soaking up the non-existent sun
  • We filled our time with drinking games, about 200 rounds of Taboo (I am damn good at it) and uninhibited discussions about puberty and sex positions
  • Anyway, I’ve been enjoying being freshly unemployed, making smoothies and watching Extreme Couponing 
  • Also getting into yoga again
  • Watched The Amazing Spider Man today. Andrew Garfield breaks my heart in the best way possible.
  • I have nothing else to share 
not wanting me
the beginning of me
wanting myself
thank you"

— Nayyirah Waheed (via observando)

Anonymous: does leila have tumblr?


Anonymous: is tthat you (pinapple girl)

Na that’s my wifey